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Senior Partner
Chairman of the Board

Specialized in risk management, insurance arrangements and company management in Russia and CIS countries.
Over ten years theoretical and practical experience in Russia and CIS countries in different positions and responsibilities.

1994 - 1996 location in St.Petersburg, Area Manager in Pohjola Insurance Company Ltd: Responsibility to create insurance company network for Pohjola in Russia and Pohjola's client service and management in Russia as well as to educate the network partners in insurance.

1996 -1998 to enlarge Pohjola's operations and network overall in Russia and Ukraine as described above.

1998 - 2001 in Principal Insurance Company Ltd (Pohjola's subsidiary in Moscow) Member of the Board: Responsibility for Principal's company management, development and results to the shareholders (Pohjola, EBRD).

2002 -> Oy CORIMS Ltd: risk management, insurance and company management consultation to the international companies who are acting or are planning to open their activities in Russia.